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GENERAL VOTING - Saturday October 20, 8am-8pm

Where to Vote on October 20

Eligible voters can vote at any of the Voting Places on General Voting Day

Burnside Campus, 3130 Jutland Road
Central Baptist Church, 834 Pandora Avenue
Cook Street Village Activity Centre, 380 Cook Street
James Bay Community School, 140 Oswego Street
James Bay New Horizons Centre, 234 Menzies Street
Margaret Jenkins School, 1824 Fairfield Road
Oaklands School, 2827 Belmont Avenue
Quadra School, 3031 Quadra Street
St. Barnabas Church, 1525 Begbie Street
Sir James Douglas School, 401 Moss Street
Victoria High School, 1260 Grant Street
Victoria West School, 750 Front Street

Voter Qualifications

In order to be eligible to vote as a resident elector on Voting Day you must satisfy all of the following criteria:

age 18 or older
Canadian citizen
resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration
resident of the City of Victoria for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration
not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.

What's On the Ballot
The ballot will be double-sided and contain five sections where a voter may cast a vote for:

1 Mayor
8 Councillors
9 School District Trustees (School District 61)
Non-binding questions on
3 Council candidate nominees from the City of Victoria to the Capital Regional District Board
A question regarding municipal amalgamation, worded as follows:
Are you in favour of spending up to $250,000 for establishing a Citizens’ Assembly to explore the costs, benefits and disadvantages of the amalgamation between the District of Saanich and the City of Victoria?

What to Bring
To vote, bring:

Your Voter Card (if it arrived by mail)
Two pieces of ID

For more information, call us at 250.882.9302 or go to

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