The right to a healthy environment

Meeting to discusss right to a healthy enviromment

The right to a healthy environment should be recognized by all levels of government as a basic human right.

Earlier this fall, a 10-year-old Fernwood resident named Rupert contacted municipal candidates, proposing that Victoria adopt a declaration recognizing the right to a healthy environment. Rupert was inspired by Dr. David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour.

Since the November election, my new colleague Councillor Jeremy Loveday has taken up Rupert's request. He is proposing in a motion this week that Victoria become the first jurisdiction on Vancouver Island to recognize environmental rights. Mayor Lisa Helps and I have endorsed Councillor Loveday's report on the right to a healthy environment.

If you believe that environmental rights should be recognized in the City of Victoria and beyond, please take a few minutes to support Rupert's request. You can send a short email to council members (, attend a rally that Rupert is organizing with his family, and register to address City Council with Rupert on Thursday.

Thank you for your commitment to a healthy environment and for participating in our local democracy.

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