Standing Up for People and the Planet

Ben discusses the issues with the media

Since I was elected as one of your representatives on Victoria City Council and the Capital Regional District Board three years ago, I have worked hard every day standing up for what we believe in. Together we've made real progress on important issues including:

  • Expanding parks, trails and greenways for walking and cycling;
  • Advocating for affordable housing and a fair deal for everyone;
  • Pursuing neighbourhood-appropriate development that respects Victoria's heritage;
  • Supporting community centres, seniors, libraries and the arts;
  • Providing cost-effective public services with open, accountable local government.

In the upcoming municipal election on Saturday November 15, I need your support to continue standing up for people and the planet

If you think change is needed in our community and world, to build fairer relationships between people and more sustainable relationships with the land and waters that sustain us, please support my efforts for Re-Election:

  • Take a lawn sign (we'll drop one off and pick it up after the election at no cost);
  • Volunteer to help with doorknocking, calling voters or other tasks;
  • Donate to the campaign.

With your help, we can continue to put social justiceecological responsibility and good governance at the centre of municipal decision making — standing up for people and the planet

Voting information will be available on this website, so please check back regularly or Sign Up for updates and a reminder to vote. You can also learn about my track record and ideas and my background, and provide your own views on what's important at City Hall.

Thanks for your support.


Ben Isitt
Victoria City Council & CRD Director

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