Mandate for a more inclusive and sustainable city and region

Ben Isitt quote on October 20 mandate


Thank you for your support helping me win re-election to City Council and the CRD Board – and electing a strong, progressive majority to City Hall.

Our grassroots campaign topped the polls for both offices – with more than 14,000 votes for Council and 11,000 for CRD – boosting voter turnout to an historic level and helping re-elect Jeremy Loveday and elect Laurel Collins, Sarah Potts and Sharmarke Dubow.

Our campaign was driven by a hard-working team of 80 volunteers who doorknocked and called tens of thousands of voters, tabled at events, bundled and stapled leaflets, and delivered lawn and window signs to 600 supporters’ homes (every sign was re-used from a previous election). Funds were generously provided by 150 people to cover the costs of printing, postage and campaign logistics.

The October 20 election outcome represents an emphatic endorsement of progressive values and provides a powerful mandate for a “people and the planet before profit” agenda – moving forward together toward a more inclusive and sustainable city and region.

I am honoured to continue serving as your Councillor and CRD Director. Let’s not squander this opportunity. I will need your help in the months and years ahead to win the “battle of ideas” – broadening support for our progressive values to take action for housing rights; deepen our pursuit of decolonization; strengthen ecological protection; improve our transportation system through a climate action lens; and pursue good government and expanded opportunities for democratic public participation.

I am excited to work with you, grassroots organizations and my colleagues at City Hall and the CRD as we move forward together on our mandate – to build a city and region where no one is left behind and where we look after the natural ecosystems that sustain us all.

Thank you!


Ben Isitt
City Councillor and Regional Director | 250.882.9302

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