Action for Housing Rights

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Our community is in the midst of a housing crisis, with renters in particular facing major uncertainty over the availability and cost of housing. This crisis is harming individuals and holding back our community and economy.

I am therefore advocating for the following policies, which I believe that City Council must implement to help address the housing crisis and guarantee the right of all people to safe, affordable, energy efficient housing:

>> Limit the maximum allowable annual rent increase to the rate of inflation, to the extent possible within municipal authority.

>> Create a Municipal Inventory of Rental Housing, including the annual rent charged per unit, as a condition of annual Business License renewal for landlords, with the maximum allowable increase tied to the rent level recorded in the inventory.

>> Create Rental-Only Zoning to protect existing rental housing and encourage the construction of new rental housing, with at least 20% of new units being affordable (meaning housing that does not exceed 30% of a person's gross income).

>> Lead the expansion of non-market rental housing, through land acquisition and partnerships with senior levels of government and housing providers.

>> Introduce incentive programs for the retrofitting and conversion of existing homes for energy efficiency and the creation of affordable housing.

If you want to see action on these policies, sign up here to get involved.

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